Four Men's Socks Types, Designed To Match Individual Lifestyle

Georgiy Kharchenko8/ 1/19

Times when people's drawers were filled with just one type is over. Now days, because of the internet, people's ability to purchase clothes has become a lot easier compared to non internet days. Internet is full of boutiques that are selling everything from striking patterns, bold colors to plain white ones.

What are The Most Comfortable Dress Socks

Georgiy Kharchenko7/29/19

​Even if you go to work somewhere that has a strict dress code on shoes, pants, and shirts, you typically are allowed to choose the socks you would like to wear. That means you can choose between a simple and plain black or white sock or select a sock that has a funny design that shows off a bit of your personality. Whether you want to look formal or friendly, your socks are a fantastic way to do it. But if you want the very best socks, there are a few things to look for.

Boot Socks Women Love

Georgiy Kharchenko7/29/19

Curious about why so many women love to wear boot socks? These socks are created to offer the perfect foot protection and support when someone dons a pair of boots. With boots making a comeback for women, it’s no surprise that females are searching for the perfect pair of socks to wear with their new pair of stylish boots. 

What Are the Best Cotton Argyle Socks?

Georgiy Kharchenko7/29/19

Argyle socks have been around since the medieval times and were first popularized in Scotland. Just like a kilt was used to show off the pattern of a family, these socks offered a glimpse at the colors of a clan’s tartan. Men wore tartans back then as socks similar to the way we do today.

Difference Between Comb and Mercerized Cotton Sock

Georgiy Kharchenko7/29/19

While combed cotton is used for many things, not all of it is as high-quality as you might expect. Almost 99% of the imports into the United States come from China, where second harvest combed cotton is used. This is the cheapest and least durable cotton and makes for socks...