Should You Wear Your Socks While Sleeping?

Have you ever had trouble sleeping and wondered if your socks had something to do with it? If so, you might be onto something! The National Sleep Foundation explains that having warm feet before you try to sleep helps your brain realize that it’s time to drift off. That means if you prefer to slip off your men’s black ankle socks before bed, you might be making it harder for yourself to get to sleep so you can wake up bright and early. If you absolutely hate socks, there are alternatives like hot water bottles or a heated blanket, but both take more effort to prepare than just keeping your feet snug in warm in a soft pair of socks.


Why You Should Keep the Socks On

A good pair of bamboo no-show socks will not only help your body stay toasty warm but also offers additional benefits. For women, wearing socks can prevent hot flashes as the material can help keep the core body temperature cooler. Those who have cracked heels can benefit from wearing men’s bamboo ankle socks because the socks help keep your heels moisturized and less likely to dry out. Wearing socks while you sleep can also decrease your chances of getting Raynaud’s disease. This affects certain areas of the skin, including toes, where they lose circulation and may swell or throb. When you wear socks during the night, your feet stay warmer and blood and better circulate.

Which Socks Are Best for Wearing at Night 

The best socks to wear to sleep are made of cashmere or merino wool. If you buy bamboo socks online, those work quite well, too. You want to be sure that you choose a pair of socks that aren’t too tight since this can prevent your feet from warming and constrict circulation. You can also enhance your circulation before bed for best results. All you need to do is give your feet a massage before bed using your favorite moisturizer or massage oil with a bit of capsaicin cream mixed in. You can also warm your socks with a hairdryer or in the dryer before you slip them on at night.


Children and Socks at Night

When it comes to babies and children, you want to avoid heated bottles of blankets. In order to safely tempt your child to sleep, the best option is to give them a warm bath before bed and then dress them in pre-warmed socks. However, it’s always best to be cautious and mindful where children are concerned. Make sure that you spend time checking your child for any signs of swearing, overheating, red flushed cheeks, fidgeting, and crying. Any of those things may mean the child is too warm. If that is the case, you should remove layers of blankets or clothing to keep the child comfortable. No matter your age, wearing women’s cotton crew socks to sleep can lead to better rest each night.

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