People Who Wear Unique Socks May Be More Creative and Intelligent

Are you the type of person who sees socks as a simple necessity or are you the type of person who uses your socks to show off your style and individuality? A new study shows that those who wear men’s purple argyle dress socks are often more creative than those who go with simple cotton socks. That applies to any pair of socks with designs like sailboats, puppies, robots, or superheroes. While many people consider those who are non-conforming to be strange or crazy, socks are somewhere that doesn’t apply. Socks are almost a secret that most people don’t see or really notice, which gives you the chance to show off your personality a little. 

What Unique Socks Say About You as a Person

The Journal of Consumer Research published a study that looked into the fact that those who are known for not conforming are often seen as having a higher status and more competence than those who conform to all the standard social norms. When it comes to wearing colorful bamboo sports socks with a strange pattern, you stand out more than someone who puts on a pair of men’s navy dress socks. If you wear the first pair of socks, you can be seen as more successful, more intelligent, and more creative than the person wearing the second pair. It might sound crazy, but science completely backs it up. 

How People Perceive Wacky Sock Styles 

When you decide to drop the simple socks and choose a loud and colorful pair of no-show socks for women, something called embodied cognition is at work. When you put on crazy and weird socks, you get to show off your own confidence and uniqueness to those around you. That alone can make someone feel better about themselves since they are choosing to wear what they like and embracing it rather than hiding it away. That simple perception of confidence can actually lead to more success, even if you haven’t grown in terms of confidence or bravery. Crazy socks are a great way to show who you are and have people see you as intriguing and interesting before they ever even speak to you. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Break from the Norm

When you wear women’s cotton crew socks with your favorite design, colors, or characters on them, it can show that you are a carefree person who isn’t afraid to buck the traditional trends. It gives an air of you not really minding what others think of you, which can be very valuable. While simple black socks have their time and place, a colored pair and let you show off your essence to everyone around you in a way that isn’t too explicit. So, if you enjoy crazy socks, now you know that there is nothing wrong with that. You’ll let people know who you are and you may even be considered more intelligent than you would be wearing simple dress socks.


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