How to Select the Best Running Socks

It is crucial to choose the right socks when you plan to go out running, whether at the gym, on a trail, or down a sidewalk by your home. Choosing the wrong pair can lead to chafing, blisters, corns, and other health issues. Not every runner is aware of what socks to wear, and some go years wearing the wrong pair before realizing changing up their routine and lead to a lack of pain and discomfort. Running socks in many sizes, material types, and thicknesses which can further the confusion. You may not know whether you should slap on inexpensive cotton socks or go with women’s bamboo ankle socks. We’ll share some tips on what you should watch for to keep your feet dry and free or blisters while running. 

Choosing the Top Material for Running Socks

You might think that a simple pair of cotton socks are best for running, but that isn’t accurate. Cotton gets wet and then it stays that way, which means the moisture is close to your skin. It can lead to feet that get blisters in the summer and feet that are clammy and cold when it is winter. Instead, a better choice is a women’s bamboo ankle sock or a sock made from synthetic materials. Bamboo socks not only keep your feet at the proper temperature but also have antibacterial properties, so your feet don’t get smelly or dirty. Some come with cushioning, so you feel more comfortable while you get a workout in.

Sock Shape and Running

The last thing you want to run in is a sock that is completely shapeless, such as a cotton tube sock. Instead, you want some cushioning and support in the socks you use for your workouts. Women’s bamboo knee socks might be a good choice when the weather is cool while seamless bamboo socks for men might be great during the summer. Socks that are created to hug the curves of your feet are a great option since they prevent the problem of blisters, which nobody wants to deal with. Stay away from the inexpensive socks and look for the ones that will fit your feet well. 

Other Things to Know About Running Socks

There are other things to keep in mind when it comes to socks used for running or other workout activities. Length is something you may want to think about. While it mostly relates to your personal style, shorter socks are often preferred as of late. There are also people who prefer tall socks, which can help keep dirt away from your skin, so you head home clean and refreshed from your run. Another thing to be aware of is the thickness of the sock, which varies from one pair to the next. While some people will have different preferences, light, medium, and ultra-light socks are typically considered the best for running. Ultra-light socks will have the least cushioning, so consider that and your comfort level when you shop for your next online seamless socks for women.

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