A Simple Guide to Men’s Dress Socks

Choosing the best men’s dress socks might seem like an easy task, but there might be more to the task than you think. Everything from the material you choose to the length of the socks can have an effect on the impression you give off. There are hundreds of dress socks to choose from, which can make choosing the most stylish and professional ones a bit of a headache. This guide will walk you through what to think about when choosing a new pair of socks, so you put off the impression that you want every time.

Length of Men’s Dress Socks

There is some controversy about whether a man should choose an over the calf dress sock, a mid-calf sock, or even a sock that is shorter. Most go with the over the calf style, especially if the work day will involve corporate meetings, visits with clients, or presentations. These socks ensure your legs are covered even if your slacks pull up. On the other hand, some men prefer shorter seamless cotton socks because they find longer socks less uncomfortable. There is no easy answer to this, it largely comes down to your own personal preferences and comfort level.

Choosing Between Sock Materials

Most experts will tell you that natural fabrics are the best choice for dress socks, often wool or cotton based. Men’s bamboo dress socks are another option that is slowly coming into popularity as more individuals give them a try. Socks that includes both natural fibers and synthetic fibers are another option and often result in durable socks that offer stretch around the foot. However, fully synthetic socks do not breathe as well and often are not as comfortable as wool or cotton dress socks. When it comes to the choice between cotton and wool, your preferences are what matter most. Wool is best at managing odor and moisture, while cotton is lighter and can be cooler when the temperatures are elevated. Bamboo socks are antibacterial and offer odor resistance which may be useful for many men.

Selecting the Perfect Color of Dress Sock

When it comes to the color of online men’s dress socks that you are planning to purchase, you want to pay close attention to what color of pants will be worn with them. Pants in a navy blue tend to look great with black or navy socks and black or brown shoes. Charcoal trousers can match with navy, heather, black, and charcoal dress socks. If you are wearing black pants, black dress socks match well for a sharp outfit. Those who wear jeans on the weekends may want to choose khaki, heather, navy, or dark brown socks. As for khaki pants, you will want to choose something in an olive, khaki, or dark brown. Black is the most versatile option, while charcoal is a close second. Don’t be afraid to go with lesser used colors when you want to make a strong impression.

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